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•Warm Up: Banded LB.
•400m Run.
•Band Pull Apart 25 reps.
•Wall walk to handstand 5 reps.
•Hollow Holds 3 rounds 20 second hold 30 seconds rest

Daily Knowledge: Side Lunges: So much of what people do in the gym focus on only 1 plane of movement, we squat up and down, lunge forward and backward. Lateral movements are also necessary. As a human we are designed to move in all planes. Side movements are essential to muscle balance and active flexibility which results in fewer injuries.

•Odd Object: Stone Lifts
•5 Rounds 1 Minute Each:

1. Wallball

2. Snatch High Pull 95/65

3. Ball Slam

4. Rest


30-60 Minutes Maffetone Method walk, run, bike, row

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•Warm Up: Banded LB. 400m Run.
• Frankenstein 100’.
•Bench Dips 10 Reps.
•Static Holds over the bar 3 rounds 20 second hold, 30 seconds rest. Back Extension 10 reps.


Daily Knowledge: Some of the best workouts require bodyweight mastery. Keep working on fundamental bodyweight exercises and they will pay some of the biggest dividends in functional fitness levels. Master the basics of gymnastics and weightlifting and you will be superhuman in the eyes of the public.

•AGILITY: Zig Zag Test
• Conditioning:

1-10,10-1 of:

Strict Pullups, O/G L-Pullups

Pushups, O/G feet elevated pushups (20”/12”)



•FINISHER: 50 reps curls with 45/35lb barbell. Do strict reps, control the concentric and eccentric portions but finish with as little rest as possible.


30-60 Minutes Maffetone Method walk, run, bike, row

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•Warm Up:
•Banded LB.
•400m Run.
•Back Extensions 10 reps.
•Hand stand Holds 3×30 seconds.
•Super Front Rack Stretch 1 Minute Each side
•Clean complex: 10 reps each: deadlift, HPC, Front Squat.
•Daily Knowledge: Olympic Lifts are power development exercises, much like sprinting. Power development is shown to maintain a youthful appearance and vitality. The caveat is that you must build the weights for this to work! Don’t be complacent!


1. Power Clean and Push Jerk 1RM

2. Back Extension 3×15

3. RDL 5×5


1. Clean and Jerk 10×1

2. Back Extension 3×15

3. RDL 5×5

•ABS: AMRAP 7 Minutes 20 KB Swings 20 V-Ups